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We are one of the leading companies providing CAD/CAAD/BIM solutions for architects, planners and the construction material industry. With BIM & More we offer companies endless possibilities to publish their PIM data quickly and efficiently in a BIM-compliant way in countless proprietary or open BIM offers.

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Our Team

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Matthias Uhl

CEO • Sales • PM

Silvia Bartels

Sales • Back Office

Veselin Veselinov

Architecture Lead

Ivan Nikolov

Lead Senior IT Developer

Vladimir Montenegro

Lead Interface Designer

Taner Ahmedov

Senior Software Developer

Denitsa Slavova

BIM Architect

Antoaneta Gerasheva

BIM Architect

Dobromir Stoyanov

Junior Developer

Borislav Glaskov

Software Developer

Alexander Tomko

Software Developer

Krasimira Georgieva

Fullstack Developer

Georgi Sokolov

BIM Architect

Mario Nikolov

Front-End Developer

Adrian Lyubenov

Junior Unity Developer

Venelin Vasilev

Senior Unity Developer

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