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BIM & More Industry`s BIM toolchain to architects and planners

Die Produktfamilie BIM & More bietet herausragende Lösungen für die wesentlichen Problemstellungen der Baustoff- und Bauproduktindustrie in Verbindung mit BIM:

  • Wie kann die Industrie tausende von Produkten und Produktvarianten zielgerichtet Architekten und Ingenieuren BIM-konform zur Verfügung stellen?
  • Wie kann die Industrie dieses BIM-Angebot zu jeder Zeit kontrollieren?
  • Wie kann die Industrie dieses BIM-Angebot über unbegrenzte Zeiträume aktuell halten?

What is BIM & More?

In one sentence:

BIM & More is a complete toolchain which enables manufacturers of building materials to manage and publish their products, systems, build-ups and construction joints into BIM information used over modern CAD systems by planners and architects.

BIM & More unleashes an unforeseen new level of BIM usage and solution management. Additionally it opens a completely new way of thinking in relation to BIM.


BIM Cockpit

In brief

Create and manage building solutions like systems, build-ups and construction joints. Attach flexibel and easy BIM attributes and properties to your solutions. Do it quickly and efficiently. Publish in your BIM & More CAD Plugins with a single mouse click. The BIM Cockpit does it for you.


PIM Cockpit

In brief

Edit building construction products and items in a modern way. With the PIM Cockpit you collect all kinds of product information on one single place while you grant access to the data to admins and users in a task optimized way.

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