BIM Cockpit

In brief

Create and manage building solutions like systems and build-ups. Attach flexibel and easy BIM attributes and properties to your solutions. Do it quickly and efficiently. Publish in your BIM Plugins with a single mouse click. The BIM Cockpit does it for you.

Key features

  • Individual workflow setup with different user roles and access levels
  • Easy-to-use product, system and build-up configuration
  • Individual attribute management for each configuration
  • Flexible file attachment management for each configuration
  • Instant publishing e.g. in the BIM Plugins from BIM & More, your website etc.
  • Ready for BIM export for ArchiCAD® and Revit®
  • Fully customizable visual

In detail

With the extraordinary set of additional functions in the BIM Cockpit you can reuse the product data once entered in the PIM system in a very sophisticated way: By simply selecting and grouping products and items systems are created. Furthermore these systems and the products are used to build complete build-ups. Not to mention that for each step endless properties, attributes and additional information can be defined and entered as well as unlimited uploads of all kind of complementary documents. For each single solution the BIM Cockpit stores performance indicators, building physical data, technical data, product descriptions and so on. Not to mention high quantity of additional information stored in external files in hundreds of different file formats. Whether it be technical drawings, technical data sheets, product pictures for different usage from web to print, product descriptions, certificates, licenses and furthermore, all can be structured and stored for each of the defined solution.

Data input - Manual or automatic

As modern data management system the BIM Cockpit is as flexible as possible. By customizing the core software package you can plug all kinds of automated data import and export interfaces. No matter if data should be imported from other PIM systems, SAP software or other ERP packages and data sources as a recursive process, triggered by mouse clicks or just once by a certain script. If product or item data is not available in other data sources it can be entered by Bulk import activities based on prepared Excel sheets which are uploaded and imported into the BIM Cockpit's database. Not to mention that all data can be also entered manually by web forms. The web forms also open the possibility to overview the available data in the system and to modify it individually.

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Administrators and user roles - Workflow definitions

The BIM Cockpit comes with a flexible user role management. This allows defining users and their access levels in a very easy way. No matter if it is needed to grant access to collaboration teams, business partners, external agencies, seminar participants etc. At any time the data integrity is secured while productivity adjusts upwards. This means working with the BIM Cockpit.

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Data output - Publishing options

As creating and managing solutions is only half of the way to the customer, the BIM Cockpit opens all ways for publishing your data. And what you can do in the PIM Cockpit you can do in the BIM Cockpit as well: Create all kind of HIRES printable PDFs like product or solution data sheets and specifications, fill solution leaflets and brochures with your BIM information and last but not least: Publish your BIM data into the BIM & More BIM Plugins. There was never before an easier way for your products and solutions to architects and planners.

Look & Feel - 100% yours

The BIM Cockpit has a fully customizable visual. Starting from the basic version in BIM & More appearance the admin panel will be visually adapted to your corporate design and identity. Finally the BIM Cockpit is shipped and installed fully branded according to the individual demand of you - our customer.



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